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“The Career Network” for Working Professionals and Job Seekers Registration

The Career Network offers a virtual platform where working professionals and job seekers can connect and collaborate with Certified Professional Career Coaches and Academic Advisors to address their career development and related needs and interests.




Do you have goals of:

  1. Advancement and upward mobility in the chosen field
  2. Building a strong professional reputation
  3. Achieving financial stability and security
  4. Career satisfaction and fulfillment
  5. Making a meaningful impact in the industry or organization
  6. Developing expertise and becoming a subject matter expert
  7. Transitioning into a leadership role
  8. Balancing work responsibilities with personal life goals
  9. Job security and stability
  10. Cultivating a strong professional network


Do you have an interest in:

  1. Personal growth and development
  2. Continuous learning and skill enhancement
  3. Networking and building professional relationships
  4. Exploring new career opportunities
  5. Work-life balance and well-being
  6. Leadership and management development
  7. Mentorship and guidance
  8. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  9. Corporate social responsibility
  10. Professional certifications and credentials


Do you need:

  1. Clear career goals and a well-defined career path
  2. Regular feedback and performance evaluations
  3. Opportunities for professional development and training
  4. Supportive work environment and organizational culture
  5. Access to resources and tools for career management
  6. Recognition and rewards for achievements
  7. Work-life integration and flexibility
  8. Competitive compensation and benefits
  9. Opportunities for advancement and promotion
  10. Emotional and psychological support from colleagues and mentors


We know that these goals, interests, and needs vary from person to person based on individual preferences, industry, and career stage. Therefore, it's crucial to know what your own aspirations and priorities are and to collaborate with professionals to create your tailored career management plan.


The Certified Professional Career Coaches and Academic Advisors provide a wide range of services to professionals seeking guidance and support in their career development and advancement. Some of these services include:

Career Assessments

Resume/CV Review

Interview Preparation

Job Search Strategies

Personal Branding

Career Goal Setting

Skill Development

Networking Guidance

Career Transition Support

Salary Negotiation

Work-Life Balance

Entrepreneurship Support

Executive Coaching

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Career Progression Planning


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